An administrative bot

GroundDug includes extensive administrator and moderation commands which help you to control and moderate your server much easier than before.

Moderator commands include muting and unmuting members without a role, soft-banning users and hackbanning which does not require users to be in the server to ban them.

Custom to you

GroundDug is designed for how you want to moderate. After hearing feedback from many server administrators, one theme was common, more control, less roles. We give you that control.

Extensive logging

Any command that is ran through GroundDug can be logged. Any. Miscellanious logs, permission logs, anything your heart desired to log, GroundDug gives you the option to log it.


GroundDug's innovative new custom permissions system allows users in the same role to have different permissions within the bot. These permissions are seperate from Discord, which makes it much harder for someone to raid your server through GD permissions.

Protects you and your server

GroundDug has a built in raid mode, kicking users from the server as soon as they join. Messages are sent to users kicked, in case they are legitimate, with an invite link to join the server after raid mode is lifted.

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